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About us

Originally, PUNX23 represented a stencil, carved into a piece of sheet metal sometime after 1999 and later decorating the journey of Cirkus Alien all around Europe (the connection of the word an the number stands for the fusion of two contra-cultures we felt most connected with – anarcho-punk community and freetekno nomadism). Few years before that we started to experiment with serigraphy and begun printing t-shirts, stickers, and patches in more or less pirate conditions. Sometimes we had sold something but mostly we just made stuff for ourselves. Serigraphy carrousel could be loaded into a track and we would carry it to parties and festivals, usually printing poster motifs and CA flyers, various subversive topics and most importantly, the raw primitivist PUNX23 graphics.
Around 2003 we transformed what used to be a pig shed on a circus farm to a print workshop and slowly started to move from purely subculture techno graphics towards a more committed and, eventually, openly propagandistic form. The main focus remained on the ironic critique and dada approach, usually reacting to specific situations and issues. Following year we went all in while staying in one of the squats of Barcelona, where we have set up a print workshop that we used fully. During the nights we have put up posters in the streets of El Poblenou and printed with serigraphy directly on walls. First print experiments have set our direction and soon we have opened our own workshop in Prague, where we are still today. We continue to print „deep“ statements, as well as a simple „shallow“ designs using fonts and drawings on all sorts of material, from textile or paper, all the way to vinyl. One of our activities is fabric print, that is used for making a wide range of things – such as sofa covers, pencil cases, or laptop bags. Our closest friends were the first ones to be fond of our products for everyday use, and it was also them who first came with the idea that we could make a living with we can and love to do, without compromising the emancipated approach that has always been so important to us.
We continue with printing our own fanzines (SUCK MY DIY), stickers, t-shirts, etc., and stay true to our original belief, manifested mostly by the resentment towards any forms of xenophobia, racism, chauvinism, but also the cult of money and success in the late capitalist society. We participate in DIY festivals of small publishing collectives, serigraphy, graphics and comics all over Europe. With our graphics, we support groups such as Iniciativa Ne rasismu (Initiative No to Racism) or Kuchařky bez domova (Cooks Without Homes), but also similar collectives abroad. This website is here to make our work accessible to anyone.

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